Oncology Focus

BluePrint Research - Oncology Focus

Share of Business (2016)

Note: Completed oncology projects span globally and include not just US and EU5 but also Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, Russia, Poland, Turkey & Australia

Number of Engagements in Oncology

Note: Includes engagements in both solid tumors (GBM, Breast, MSCLC, Gastric, Ovarian, Bladder, Cervical Prostate, CRC, HCC, Melanoma) and hematologic malignancies (CLL, CML, ALL, AML, MCl, iNHL, MM, CTCL, PTCL, WM, MDS)

BluePrint Research engagements by oncology category

Pre-Launch strategy to planning to execution

Market Map / Patient Journey

Breast, Prostate CRC, STS, Head & Neck, Pancreatic,CLL, MM, WM

Future Market / Tx Evolution

Breast, NSCLC, CRC, HCC, Cervical, Gastric,CLL, CML, CTCL, MCL, ALL, AML, MDS iNHL, MM


Ovarian, Melanoma, NET,Multiple Myeloma

Unmet Needs / Emotional Drivers

Breast, Prostate, HCC


Prostate, CRC,Multiple Myeloma

Opportunity Assessment

Breast, NSCLC, Gastric, Ovarian, Prostate, CRC, GBM, CLL, CML, ALL, MCL, iNHL, PTCL, MM, AML

Messge & Concept Testing

Prostate, Breast, CRC, Cervical, Multiple Myeloma CTCL

Tracking & Charts Audits

Prostate, Breast, CRC, Cervical