Commercial strategists informing global pre-launch strategy leveraging flexible and dynamic tools and techniques in the face of clinical/commercial uncertainties.

We are passionate about anticipating uncertainty (evolving product profiles, competition, reimbursement) that exists in clinical and commercial development, partnering with clients to build launch strategy with incomplete information, and helping clients understand the ‘what ifs’ critical for scenario planning.

Our capabilities presentation is a case study in the launch of a new product, outlining key business questions that need to be asked/answered in sequence, tools and techniques to best inform key questions, intuitive frameworks/outputs that allow flexibility to say ‘what if’ (scenario planning) in the face of uncertainties specific to clinical profile, reimbursement, competition.

commercial strategists

commercial strategists

Market Research Firms

Many MR firms do an excellent job with the design and execution of high-quality market research that is comprehensive and exhaustive. The question or challenge is whether they can truly be consultative in bringing forward insights and recommendations.

Management Consulting Firms

Management consulting firms are quite effective in their consultation, but the question is are they equipped with a dynamic, flexible, and comprehensive range of research tools and techniques that most effectively provide an evidence-based approach to informing commercialization strategy in the face of uncertainties.

We occupy a unique space that overlaps the two circles in the Venn diagram. We are commercial strategists that creatively leverage a wide variety of flexible/dynamic research tools/techniques and resulting outputs/frameworks to be evidence-based and consultative in informing clinical and commercial development in the face of uncertainties (product, competition, reimbursement).

We primarily differentiate through consultation and thought partnership, which often begins an immersion process to fully leverage existing research and intellectual capital, identifies and prioritizes gaps targeting incremental learning, and connects the dots across research engagements.

As a firm, we are not differentiating on research method and clients are typically not selecting partners based on a differentiated research method. However, we are fully capable of drawing upon whatever information is needed to inform the key business question at hand. At times, this will include any combination of primary and secondary market research, syndicated or online data, or the client’s available research and intellectual capital.