What can I expect as an Associate?

What can I expect as an Associate?


Client has an exciting new product (a biologic) in development for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) which has the potential to change the treatment paradigm across geographies.

There are various stakeholders who may impact if/how the product is utilized, in what patient types and in what clinical situations it is deemed appropriate – there are also additional competitors likely to threaten the commercial potential of the client’s product.

Given clinical development and a launch timing a few years away, with product profile(s) evolving, the competitive set emerging, and the reimbursement environment likely to change, we seek to assess the clinical and commercial fit/opportunity of the client’s product.


There is uncertainty that must be carefully considered when simulating the research environment.

A comprehensive strategy that addresses client objectives, reveals unknown market insights, and allows for the generation of robust, actionable recommendations must be created.

A multi-phase study including qualitative and quantitative research elements will developed to capture product perceptions and future market evaluations from physicians.


Insights point us to a clear understanding of the likely future treatment/sequencing algorithm in the treatment of mCRC, the role of various stakeholders across geographies, and the criteria deemed to be most influential.

Learnings from primary market research and direction from BluePrint-driven strategic recommendations will guide commercialization strategy for the client’s new biologic.